Christ Fish

This piece belongs to a serie regarding fishes (or humans and goats too and some other things…).
The sculpture is essentially an anatomy study. Even non human, the body is close to classical sculpture, nude and smooth body, “pictorial” posture (I mean, in the sense of a painting composition). Note that the character is androgynous.

Painting this body, I would like to obtain a kind of “organic marble” material, that places the character at the frontier between a statue and a creature made of flesh. Because of the “christian” posture I added some golden ray inspired by religious art showing a flood of light on pictures, stained glass windows, sculptures.
The yellow crown introduces the new status of the character, and is a wink at Mike Mignola’s crowns (and Basquiat's ones) often drawn as simple yellow objects.

Sculpted October 2008. Fimo. 70mm.
Painted December 2008. Acrylics and Enamels.