Yup'ik Mask

I've searched another name, maybe more appropriate, but nothing cames to my mind, so « Yup'ik Mask » he'll stay.

This is the second one of a serie still waiting to exist (see below, Courgeritte). Keeping on my masked beings, Amerindian inspirations, the beginning is, one more time, a small drawing which important elements were firstly clothes made of ropes and secondly the posture, open arms, hands turned to the sky. Symetric postures, a bit theatrical interest me and of course it works visually really good. The mask is totally influenced by Yup'ik (inuit) people's art, both sculpting and colors, it is composed from caracteristics I've noted on many of their creations. It is made from olive tree wood, I did a first version, and this one, the second, I've finally put on the figure. The green skin linked the character to reptiles, who's behind the mask?

19cm tall statuette. Fimo/Sculpey Firm, milliput, wood, coton rope, Sisal fiber, feathers, snail shells. Painted with acrylics and oil (skin).

Armature.Armature.masque en bois d'olivier.travail en cours du masque.Nu!Nu!La piece non peinte.La piece non peinte.
La piece non peinte.