Fish Eldars

A tiny but very personal Eldar army started in 2008 if I'm right. True good time!
The fish and sea theme cames slowly to my mind, every model is modificated. The « coral » effect is done using a surgery cautery pen (in fact, many more that one ! Because these are disposable tools) the heat can gets 1200 degrees! Some textures are done with cyanoacrylate glue getting hard with zip kicker accelerator (dangerous product, put your mask!), The rest is done with Milliput, Duro, resin, metal always.
The main color is Coal Blue from P3 range, first overall lights and shadow are painted with airbrush, and then using a brush. The black parts (eyes, stones, tentacles tips) are just painted black (oh, really?) and varnished (brillant varnish).
I try to add some new models here and there when I have time, but they seriously need some paint !